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Re: Determining whether a TCP connection is up

From: joakim
Subject: Re: Determining whether a TCP connection is up
Date: Tue, 06 Aug 2013 11:59:12 +0200
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Julien Danjou <address@hidden> writes:

> Did someone take a look at how other IMAP clients handles such
> situation?
> Weirdly enough, Gnus is the only one to show such issues, whereas I
> can't recall ever having this problem in mutt nor seeing it in Evolution
> or Thunderbird. And I don't believe in magic.

I used to have this problem a lot. nowadays I just remote my Emacs
entirely, with x2go, so I dont have the problem anymore.

When I did have it I noticed some things:
- Running a local caching proxy dns helped a bit, but not entirely
- I could trick emacs into understanding the connection was gone, by:
  - killing connection
  - noticing which sockets were hanging with netstat
  - making new trick interfaces with the same IP:s as the hanging remote

This used to work, but was tedious.

I notice the same sort of issues with NFS mounts also. There are various
flags for NFS mounts that supposedly help, but not for me. The Linux
kernel network stack doesnt seem designed with mobile networking in

So, to summarize, x2go was the best thing I did in a long time :) (not
that x2go is flawless, either)

Joakim Verona

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