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Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Updating the GNU ELPA package of AucTeX

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [AUCTeX-devel] Updating the GNU ELPA package of AucTeX
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2013 15:15:31 -0400
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>>>> It is not clear to me why the act of importing a runnable version of
>>>> AUCTeX into ELPA should be precluded from running a Makefile rule.
>>>> It is not like ELPA can directly access git repositories and extract
>>>> whatever it wants, so the import will always involve explicit steps.
>> Yes, GNU ELPA can and does "git pull" every day as part of its
>> automatic procedure.

> If it expects a package to be in a finished state upon pulling, it means
> that any standard GNU package (which requires ./configure && make &&
> sudo make install to work) is not supported.

The GNU guidelines only require for it to be possible to use
"./configure && make && make install".  They don't prevent parallel use
of other installation methods.

I can easily accommodate a package with extra files like "configure" and

> Basically you are asking that we throw away all configurability of
> AUCTeX and convert its repository into an installed tree with a
> "neutral" configuration.

Not at all.

> How will its Texinfo files get converted into documentation readable as
> PDF or info?  How will its intro.texi get converted into README by
> makeinfo?  After all, every GNU package should have a README, right?
> Our current procedures create this README.

These are indeed the questions I asked.  I proposed 3 ways to do it,
there might be more.  None of these preclude keeping the existing
make rules.

>> That's the intention, indeed (tho not technically as a Git submodule,
>> but morally equivalent).
> "Morally equivalent"?  You make it sound like you consider the current
> AUCTeX repository immoral.

Feeling argumentative today?  Reread what I wrote: it is not talking
about AUCTeX but about the technique used to include it in `elpa'.

>> I'd be OK with splitting auctex into 2 packages, but does
>> preview-latex work without auctex?
> No.  It would be nice to factor out some of its quite sophisticated
> functionality into something independent from AUCTeX, LaTeX and in fact
> also TeX, but at the current point of time preview-latex is not
> independently useful.

I'm not sure you're answering my question, so let me rephrase it: does
it work with tex-mode.el?

        Stefan "who often uses tex-mode.el rather than AUCTeX, FWIW"

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