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Re: [PATCH] input-method: french "e dans l'o"

From: jean haidouk
Subject: Re: [PATCH] input-method: french "e dans l'o"
Date: Sat, 07 Sep 2013 11:01:42 +0200

Yes, you definitely want the raw `oe' like in words: poêle, moelleux,  Noël, 
poésie, poète, coentreprise, coefficient...

So OE will be far more frequent than O/ (postfix input) or /O (prefix input) 
and so far more annoying when typing a french text. 

I kept O/ /O because it was already chosen for the latin-9-input, and it seems 
better to have an uniform character sequence across all input methods. And for 
the national specific input method, since Ø does not exists in french, there is 
no clash.


07.09.2013, 01:23, "Drew Adams" <address@hidden>:
>>>  +Œ est produit par O/."
>>  Why not "OE", which seems more intuitive, and also has the advantage of
>>  not overriding the O/ => Ø mapping?
> Are there cases where you sometimes want "l'o dans l'e" and you sometimes
> want "oe"?  Dunno.  What about proper names.  (Or maybe there is a way
> to override such abbreviation/composition?)

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