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Re: Building Emacs from a new MinGW environment

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Building Emacs from a new MinGW environment
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2013 19:10:49 +0300

> Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2013 17:42:28 +0200
> From: Dani Moncayo <address@hidden>
> Cc: Emacs development discussions <address@hidden>
> >           if (!NILP (tem1))
> >             Vdata_directory = newdir;  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> >         }
> >     }
> >
> The sentence you marked doesn't get executed, because "NILP(tem1)" is 1.
> > If that doesn't work, perhaps PATH_DUMPLOADSEARCH has the wrong value
> > (it comes from src/epaths.h).
> It's defined like this:
>   #define PATH_DUMPLOADSEARCH "/home/dani/emacs/emacs.git/lisp"

This is wrong, it should be the full Windows file name starting with a
drive letter.  Looks like the epaths-force-w32 target in the top-level
Makefile is not working correctly for some reason.  It should convert
the value of srcdir into a Windows d:/foo/bar format, and then replace
@SRC@ in nt/epaths.nt with that value.

> And BTW, looking at the file, I see many strings including a literal
> "%emacs_dir%", e.g.:
> "%emacs_dir%/share/emacs/24.3.50/lisp;%emacs_dir%/share/emacs/24.3.50/leim"
> I don't know if that is correct either.

That is correct.

> (gdb) xtype
> Undefined command: "xtype".  Try "help".
> (gdb) xstring
> Undefined command: "xstring".  Try "help".
> I glanced over etc/DEBUG, and saw this:
>   Some GDB versions by default do not automatically load .gdbinit files
>   in the directory where you invoke GDB.  With those versions of GDB,
>   you will see a warning when GDB starts, like this:
>     warning: File ".../src/.gdbinit" auto-loading has been declined by
> your `auto-load safe-path' set to "$debugdir:$datadir/auto-load".
>   There are several ways to overcome that difficulty, they are all
>   described in the node "Auto-loading safe path" in the GDB user manual.
> and after looking at that node in the GDB manual, I created a file
> ~/.gdbinit with this line:
>   add-auto-load-safe-path C:\msys\home\dani
> That removes the warning issued by gdb at startup, but the "xtype" and
> "xstring" commands remain unknown to gdb.  What am I doing wrong?

I'd try this instead:

  set auto-load safe-path c:/msys/home/dani

(I always disable this nuisance by using "/" as the argument.)

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