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Why the change to *Messages*? [was: bug#15399...]

From: Drew Adams
Subject: Why the change to *Messages*? [was: bug#15399...]
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 14:25:43 -0700 (PDT)

> Subject: bug#15399: 24.3.50; Eshell redirection broken in HEAD
> > Buffer is read-only: #<buffer *Messages*>
> That's unrelated. etc/NEWS:
>     ** The *Messages* buffer is created in a new major mode
>    `messages-buffer-mode', and read-only.

Why?  Where was the discussion in address@hidden about this
change to *Messages*?  No other bug was referenced above, so I guess
this was not due to a reported bug or enhancement request.

Is this change perhaps a response to this old thread from 2010?
That is the only discussion I've seen about this question.

FWIW, I disagree with this change, and to similar changes, such as
what was done to *Help* - see bug #10308:

I often debug using `message' to write to *Messages*, if using
the debugger is problematic (typically during Isearch or minibuffer
interaction).  And I write stuff there directly also, to guide

Now (for what reason?), *Messages* is in its own mode, and it is
read-only.  I don't have an Emacs build with the change yet, so I
don't know just what `messages-buffer-mode' (a bad name, BTW) is.

But if this is anything like what was done to *Help* then toggling
`read-only' off will not suffice, and I will now need to change
the mode for yet another buffer.

And why?  Just because someone thought it convenient to hit `q'
(instead of, say, `C-x 0') to quit *Messages*?

Or was there some other reason?  A good reason?  Why no proposal
and discussion before this change was made?  Or did I somehow
miss the thread?

Yes, I can fiddle to work around this change, as one user.  But
why is this good for Emacs?  I edit text in *Messages* (and in
*Help*, to prepare doc strings), and I doubt I'm the only one who
does.  What is so beneficial about this change (after almost 40
years of *Messages* being normally editable)?

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