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use local emacs server from remote systems

From: Thomas Koch
Subject: use local emacs server from remote systems
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2013 15:47:48 +0200
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I've read a blog post that describes how to use a local emacs server with tcp 
from remote systems[1]. Unfortunately the provided scripts from the blog only 
work with emacs 24. And the described setup is too insecure to be used with 
untrusted remote systems.

[1] http://blog.habnab.it/blog/2013/06/25/emacsclient-and-tramp/

Are there more people experimenting in this direction? I thought it would help 
a lot if emacs server could handle different tcp authentication tokens with 
different levels of privileges. Thus a remote system with an unprivileged token 
could just cause the visiting of a file and nothing more.

Each token could be associated with additional information about how tramp can 
open files on the remote system: IP adress, user name, password, proxy, ...

Unfortunately I've not yet learned elisp, so I could not yet hack myself on 

Best regards,

Thomas Koch

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