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summer of code results?

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: summer of code results?
Date: Mon, 07 Oct 2013 15:48:50 +0900

Glenn Morris writes:

 > I don't recall hearing any updates or discussion related to the
 > progress of either project on this list, which seems like a shame.

ISTR occasional mentions by mentors over the summer, and I always find
making the final report to Google is pretty stressful all around, so
probably posting here just got overlooked in the rush.

It would be nice to repost the public blog URLs (GSoC students are
*required* to keep a public blog of their progress) and the public
repos they were committing to (I forget if this is required by GSoC,
but I've never seen a GSoC project where it wasn't done).

N.B. It's more than a shame, actually.  Failure to report here is
surely against the spirit and arguably against the letter of GSoC (the
point being that a GSoC project is intended[1] to result in a code
contribution "shortly after" project completion, which normally is
discussed here for non-committers).

[1]  There's no penalty to the student for failing to get your code
in, though it's rumored that repeated failures to integrate code
seriously harm your org's chances of being approved as an org in
future GSoCs.

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