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Re: DSO-style FFI

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: DSO-style FFI
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 18:26:56 -0400
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On Tue, 08 Oct 2013 14:47:17 -0600 Davis Herring <address@hidden> wrote: 

DH> An interface like ctypes from Python would not involve Lisp_Objects on
DH> the other side, but would rather provide a means for a Lisp program to
DH> specify a mapping from its objects (Lisp_Objects, of course) to the C
DH> datatypes appropriate to the interface.  Simple things like "expose my
DH> string as a writable char*" and "copy my integer into an int passed by
DH> value" would suffice for many clients (or many target libraries, which
DH> is much the same thing).  libffi helps to formulate the actual calls
DH> (with all their platform/ABI-dependent nonsense) based on such abstract
DH> descriptions.

That's pretty dangerous, isn't it?  Any memory corruption, intentional
or not, could affect the user significantly.  Is that an acceptable risk?


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