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HTML mail in rmail

From: Ken Olum
Subject: HTML mail in rmail
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 16:21:05 -0400

What are people doing about HTML mail in the new mime-enabled rmail?
A big fraction of mail nowadays is either entirely HTML, or it is
multipart/alternative, but the text part just says to see the HTML.
In the current world (at least in emacs 23.3, and it looks like the
emacs-24 code is the same), if the message is entirely HTML, it just
displays the HTML, which is fine if the actual text is legible, but
otherwise not much use.  In the multipart/alternative case, it shows
the useless text/plain part and you can show the HTML if you wish, but
it might be illegible.

I tried changing rmail-mime-process to treat text/html as bulk, and
then I can click "Save" and read it in my browser, but that is not
very convenient, especially if I want to be able to move around easily
among my messages using rmail commands.

The ideal thing from my point of view would be to display the HTML as
text.  It seems that emacs has plenty of support for such conversions,
but rmail seems not to use it.  Have I missed some feature?  If not,
has someone thought about how to implement this?


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