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Re: Setting the value of `emacs-bzr-version' also from a git checkout

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Setting the value of `emacs-bzr-version' also from a git checkout
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013 16:56:50 -0400
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[ This whole discussion is largely pointless, since it comes from
  a misunderstanding, but anyway, here we are.  ]

> That's because they don't understand the implications.  The usefulness of
> including version info on bug reports (something that IIRC is done
> automatically, so there is no need to show the info on screenshots, etc)
> is to pinpoint the sources used for the build. It is self-defeating to
> use ambiguous info just because it seems more human-friendly, when the
> non-ambiguous info makes no difference on terms of report write effort
> nor on report read effort (it is easy to write a command that reads the
> revid at point and shows the corresponding commit message and/or diff.)

I never use that revid info, whereas I do occasionally use the revno,
because I can immediately tell (without having to remember which bzr
command to run) if it's "recent enough".

Before that, I used the timestamp which (in my experience) works just as
well anyway, so all this "include revision info" business is of no real
importance for me.


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