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Re: Default behaviour of RET.

From: Jorgen Schaefer
Subject: Re: Default behaviour of RET.
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 00:59:11 +0200

On Mon, 21 Oct 2013 15:03:10 -0700
chad <address@hidden> wrote:

> Either we're going to poll the users, or we aren't and instead are
> going to rely on developer opinion. In both cases, positive statements
> like "I find it convenient." are valuable. In neither case does it
> seem valuable or worthwhile to disparage or discount the opinions
> of other people simply because you disagree.

Thank you for this very sensible point.

To add my .2 cents:

If the default binding of RET changes, please do make sure that there
is a simple and easily accessible way of toggling this, to enable
correct pasting of multi-line text in tty versions of Emacs.

To me, this side effect is the one understandable reason for RET's
current behavior (outside of "I'd have to rewire my muscle memory!").
But it's certainly not something we couldn't work around. We just
shouldn't forget to. :-)

        -- Jorgen

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