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devanagari diacritics

From: Rustom Mody
Subject: devanagari diacritics
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 08:42:06 +0530

There have been a couple of independent questions on help.gnu.emacs
for typing devanagari-as-diacritics in the last couple of weeks.
Emacs as of now comes with a couple of devanagari modes for typing
devanagari but not romanized diacritics for devanagari.

Firstly, does something like this exist?

In any case, I came up with the following:
There is one thing I dont know how to do -- how do you make an rule
that expands to more than one character. For example we may want "c"
to expand to "ch"
(require 'quail)

 "devanagari-diacritic" "UTF-8" "अ" t
 "Example diacritic

" nil t t nil t nil nil nil nil nil t)
;; no much idea what all these nil/t's are
;; just copied it from something David de la Harpe Golden wrote

(defvar devanagari-map
  '(("A"  ?ā)
    ("I"  ?ī)
    ("U"  ?ū)
    ("~N" ?ṅ)
    ("~n" ?ñ)
    ("N"  ?ṇ)
    ("T"  ?ṭ)
    ("D"  ?ḍ)
    ("sh" ?ś)
    ("Sh" ?ṣ)

(defun quail-block-defrules (kb quail-package)
  (dolist (key-trans devanagari-map)
    (let ((key (car key-trans))
      (trans (cadr key-trans)))
      (quail-defrule key trans quail-package))))

(quail-block-defrules devanagari-map "devanagari-diacritic")




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