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Re: Rectangular regions

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Rectangular regions
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 00:22:54 -0400
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> "C-x SPC" is available, AFAIK.

Kind of, but it's used for gud-break.

> What did you mean that to do when the rectangle crosses bidirectional
> text?

The same thing that the usual suspects from rect.el do.

> Currently, the rectangle is "broken".  Similarly when the
> rectangle includes characters of different sizes.

Indeed, but that's been the case pretty much every since Emacs-21 added
support for variable-sized characters.  Or even before that in the case
of line-wrapping.  The new code only highlights the "rectangle", but
doesn't attempt to change the definition of that rectangle.

> IOW, this "rectangle" works in character cell positions in the logical
> order.  If this is what you meant, fine (but then it's not really a
> rectangle in many use cases).

Yes, I just wanted to provide "visual access" to the existing
rectangle functionality, since it's been requested many times.

> Otherwise, there's a lot of work yet to make it a real rectangle.



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