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Request: Use message instead of message_with_string for user visible out

From: T.V. Raman
Subject: Request: Use message instead of message_with_string for user visible output?
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2013 02:17:14 -0700

Thanks for making the change Stefan!

Where advice has helped Emacspeak is  in producing extremely
context-specific feedback --- which is why except in very focused
cases   -- e.g., self-insert-command, hooks  dont work as well
---  the nightmare scenario is writing a large bunch of
analysis  statements within a hook function to produce cont-specific feedback.


On 10/29/13, Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Could you please update keyboard.c to call message instead of
>> message_with_string when the user presses a key that is
>> undefined?
> I've changed the code to call `undefined' which then uses `message'.
>> I understand that opinions re advice is mixed with some
>> considering it a kluge, but kluge or not, it's stood Emacspeak
>> in good stead and helped create a solution that has made me and
>> others very productive over the last 18 years:-)
> Advice is great, indeed.  But w generally try to take existing advices
> as indication that we should add hooks and/or refactor code so that
> those pieces of advice aren't needed any more.
> But don't worry: emacspeak is not the only package that's been relying
> on advice for many years.  `unquify' is another one that even comes
> bundled with Emacs.
>         Stefan

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