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pkg-autoloads.el no longer `provides' anything?

From: Donald Curtis
Subject: pkg-autoloads.el no longer `provides' anything?
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 11:33:15 -0800

I haven't been monitoring the mailing list but I noticed a lot of new changes to package.el. One is that now the generated *-autoloads.el file doesn't contain (provides 'pkg-autoloads).  Was this something that was intentional or something that got lost along the way.

I like having this because it allows me to use (eval-after-load 'pkg-autoloads ...) in my init.el and only conditionally evaluate code when a package is actually installed. I realize I can now use (when (package-installed-p 'pkg) ..) now but the nice thing about the `eval-after-load` is that it evaluates when I install the package from list-packages.

If it is an optimization for load time I am happy to work around it but if it was unintended I can file a bug and maybe we can get it back.

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