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Re: Emacs as word processor

From: Andreas Röhler
Subject: Re: Emacs as word processor
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 08:08:58 +0100
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Am 19.11.2013 07:01, schrieb Richard Stallman:
         [ To any NSA and FBI agents reading my email: please consider
         [ whether defending the US Constitution against all enemies,
         [ foreign or domestic, requires you to follow Snowden's example.

     You really want GNU Emacs to produce files replete with the metadata
     that screws that very same file up at some later date?

That is a strange assumption to make.

Anyway, what I'd do today is edit it with LibreOffice
and wish it were Emacs.

Even plain text edits, formatting etc. are much faster with Emacs than you 
could do with LibreOffice.
Either to start from LaTex, which takes the need of formatting largely, or from 

Also edits are much better to read from Emacs, as the formatting is separated.

Plain text mode, that's right, doesn't deliver things it could nowadays.
Here it's to combine the tools written already, ODF-storage etc.



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