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Re: org-crypt bug and other org inconveniences.

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: org-crypt bug and other org inconveniences.
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2013 17:41:02 +0100
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Hi Thierry,

Thierry Volpiatto <address@hidden> writes:

> I sent a bug about org-crypt months ago (with patch to fix it).
> I see org have been merged into trunk and the bug is still here...
> ,----
> | Making epg-context local to  *epg* while let-bound!
> `----

Yes, your message is here:

I wasn't sure what I could do about it and I'm not Org
maintainer anymore.

I recommend you send this bug reports to the Org-mode list
directly, that's the best way to get a quick reply.

> Also functions/vars have been removed without infos on how to replace
> them.
> At least `org-additional-option-like-keywords' and
> `org-get-current-options'.

This is in the Emacs Changelog:

* org.el (org-additional-option-like-keywords): Remove variable.
(org-get-export-keywords): New function.
(org-options-keywords): Update default list of keywords.

* org-macs.el (org-default-options): Rename and adapt from

You need to use `org-options-keywords' and `org-default-options'.

> So I am dropping the support for org-keywords in helm as I don't want to
> reread the whole org.el file.

Please read etc/ORG-NEWS and lisp/org/ChangeLog for such informations
and let me know if I can help.


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