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Re: maintain flymake.el

From: Sebastian Wiesner
Subject: Re: maintain flymake.el
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 19:24:26 +0100

2013/12/16 Glenn Morris <address@hidden>:
> Sebastian Wiesner wrote:
>>>> Being the author of Flycheck, I do consider Flycheck completely
>>>> superior in all aspects
> [...]
>>> SW> at https://github.com/flycheck/flycheck/wiki/Flycheck-versus-Flymake.
> [...]
>> I do not intend to contribute to Emacs, and am not willing to sign a
>> copyright assignment.
> Please add that to your comparison document.

I added this information to the table, and also added a little section
concerning the details, at

I hope it makes clear that Flycheck likely won't ever be part of GNU
Emacs, even though my personal motives are omitted.

Please tell me if you find anything missing, or think, that it needs

> This is the emacs-devel list, so "BTW, this mode will never be part of
> Emacs" is kind of a big thing.

I am well aware of where I am, and I assure you, that I would have
prefered to never have to discuss this topic here.

However, I was invited to this discussion, and asked this particular
question.  I answered it by courtesy, and I do not think that I
deserve blame for an answer which you do not like.

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