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Bzr taskbranches and ChangeLog

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Bzr taskbranches and ChangeLog
Date: Fri, 20 Dec 2013 21:50:50 +0100
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while reading http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/BzrForEmacsDevs I don't get
exactly how to deal with ChangeLog entries when working with

For example, I've just created a local branch bug-16090 which fixes that
bug.  It's complete, but I want to wait with pushing until Stefan had a
look, so I'll surely need to merge from trunk some times.

With git I would commit my changes (no ChangeLog entries right now)
locally, then keep rebasing onto master until Stefan gives his go, then
write the ChangeLog entry, commit that too, squash that commit with the
code change commit, and then push one single commit with the code and
ChangeLog changes.

How do I do something similar with bzr?

When I get the emacswiki page right, I should write my ChangeLog entry
to some temporary file, and then commit locally providing the entries
(without author/date line) as commit message.  Then I keep on merging
from an updated trunk until Stefan gives his go, and then I use the
commit message from the log to create a real ChangeLog entry.  Finally,
I commit that and push.

Correct?  But doesn't that lead to a log like

  - ChangeLog commit
  - Merge commit
  - [...]
  - Merge commit
  - Original code commit

e.g., the eventual ChangeLog commit might be far off the original code
commit it is documenting?


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