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Some questions about Autotools in Emacs

From: Xue Fuqiao
Subject: Some questions about Autotools in Emacs
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2013 21:52:47 +0800


I'm an Autotools newbie and just started to study the build system in
Emacs.  I have two questions about them now:

1) In configure.ac, I found a
   "AC_CONFIG_HEADER(src/config.h:src/config.in)".  I can only find the
   macro `AC_CONFIG_HEADERS' in the Autoconf (2.69) manual.  Why?
   What's the differences of the two macros?

2) I only found a Makefile.am in the lib/ directory.  Does Emacs use
   Automake?  If so, how?

BTW the macro AC_INIT accepts five arguments (PACKAGE, VERSION,
[BUG-REPORT], [TARNAME], [URL]), but only the two required arguments are
specified in confugure.ac.  Does it make sense to add the rest
arguments?  TIA

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