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Re: file watch feature missing on darwin

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: file watch feature missing on darwin
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2013 16:30:52 +0100


30 dec 2013 kl. 16:12 skrev Michael Albinus <address@hidden>:

> Jan Djärv <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hello.
> Hi,
>>> According to the Changelogs, kqueue has been added as native library to
>>> GIO a year a go. If you have linked Emacs to a recent (*) glib on your
>>> Darwin system, file monitoring shall be available for you.
>> It would not work if linking in Glib to a NS build due to differences
>> in event loops.
> Well, I didn't know that. So we need a native kqueue integration into Emacs.

On OSX you can also use GCD.  But kqueue is not integrated into the event loop 
either, so it would require additional code anyway.  Possibly by dispatching 
another thread.  I guess this is required for any BSD system.

> On a related topic, I plan to write an alternative to dbusbind.c. That
> alternative shall use gdbus instead of libdbus. But this would mean that
> this alternatvive D-Bus bindings couldn't be used for NS builds. Sad.

AFAIK, using Glib and NS just means calling xg_select instead of pselect in one 
place.  It is not done, because there has been no need for it.  GLib and DBus 
is not much used for native OSX apps (if at all).  GNUStep would be another 

        Jan D.

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