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Re: Apologia for bzr

From: Florian Weimer
Subject: Re: Apologia for bzr
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2014 11:10:34 +0100

* Stephen J. Turnbull:

> Not the first VCS, but certainly a leader in the generation of VCSes
> first to provide the features that got new terminology (index, fetch,
> pull, push).  For older features (such as commit, diff, and merge) it
> uses the traditional terminology.

"pull" and "push" came from Bitkeeper (like "clone"), so those were
existing terminology as well.  "fetch" might have been new, but many
users don't need it.

"git-update-cache" for constructing commits was certainly new.  I
think even today, the concept of a persistent staging area for commits
which can be edited by the user (and from within shell scripts) is
unique to git, and "git add" behaves differently from other systems:
git will not automatically make changes part of a commit even if the
file is being tracked by version control.

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