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Re: dealing with local patches - mercurial queues over bzr/git checkout

From: Jarek Czekalski
Subject: Re: dealing with local patches - mercurial queues over bzr/git checkout
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2014 12:29:01 -0800 (PST)

W dniu 01/06/2014 08:20 PM, Eli Zaretskii pisze:
> But then you lose history of each patch, I presume: each patch appears
> as a single flat changeset with no history.  When I work on a
> non-trivial feature in a local branch, I make lots of small commits,
> each one implementing a small sub-feature or a part thereof, usually
> after testing the part that was added.  This history is useful later,
> when the whole series is merged to mainline, because if there's a
> regression, bisecting a series of small commits is easier than a
> single large commit.

If you are able to separate the complex part into sub-features, then every
subfeature becomes a local patch. The quilt gives you the ability to apply a
series of patches in a single command. However after incorporating the
patches upstream I usually delete the patches, so the history gets lost.

In general beyond some level of complexity this tool (hg queues) is too
simple. However I wouldn't call that level "non-trivial". I would say that
the border lies somewhere at "complex". The usual trade-off between
flexibility and simplicity is unavoidable. For the developers that don't
send complex patches, or are able to divide them into smaller pieces, this
simple method might be useful.


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