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Re: mykie.el, Re: mykie.el

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Re: mykie.el, Re: mykie.el
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2014 17:47:18 -0500
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On Fri, 03 Jan 2014 20:08:46 -0500 (EST) Yuta Yamada <address@hidden> wrote: 

YY> Hello emacssen, I'm author of the mykie.el.
YY> I'm not sure this is correct way to reply this article.
YY> Let's me know if this way is any problem by yours.

We got it :)

YY> I'm glad someone interested about this package.
YY> But about assigning copyright and signing the Emacs contributor papers is
YY> I'm just worried whether I can keep developing at GitHub.
YY> Is that ok? Or do I need something if I change this package's code?

Yes.  You need to have contributor papers on file, then your code can be
part of Emacs itself or in the GNU ELPA (enabled by default with Emacs,
unlike MELPA or Marmalade).

I am firmly in favor of putting mykie.el in the default set of packages
so new users can immediately use it.  I don't know how many others will
support this, and it may require some changes to the function calls and
to the internals.  But I'd love to show these examples in the Emacs docs
in addition to the current define-key examples that lack nuance.

This would happen after the code freeze in any case, so there's time.

The final approval rests with Stefan but I'm sure he will see reason ;)

YY> Even if it's no, I don't care to assign copyright and sign the Emacs
YY> contributor papers. But I'm just wondered.

Please do, I'm sure we'd love to have you in the developer group :)

YY> BTW my name is Yuta Yamada. Not Yato.
YY> (I'm not angry. don't worry Mr.Ted)

Heh heh.  I was careful but somehow wrote it wrong, sorry.

On Mon, 06 Jan 2014 00:31:23 -0500 Yuta Yamada <address@hidden> wrote: 

YY> Hello, mykie.el was updated recently to v0.1.1.
YY> Let's me introduce little bit to advance discussion.

YY> New version mykie can change order by each keybinds like this:

YY> (setq mykie:use-lazy-order t) ; <- this is requirement
YY> (mykie:set-keys nil ; <- nil means registering global-map
YY>    "C-0"
YY>    :default '(message "hi")
YY>    :C-u*2   '(message "howdy")
YY>    :C-u     '(message "hello")
YY>    :C-u*3   '(message "hey") ; <- you can't see
YY>    "C-1"
YY>    :default '(message "hi")
YY>    :C-u*3   '(message "howdy")
YY>    :C-u     '(message "hello")
YY>    :C-u*2   '(message "hey")) ; <- you can't see

YY> As you can see above example is reverse part of :C-u*2 and :C-u*3.
YY> This example is prior above :keyword and function pair without :default
YY> when you set t to `mykie:use-lazy-order'.
YY> So if you do this example, you can't execute C-0's :C-u*3 function and
YY> C-1's :C-u*2 function.
YY> Since mykie will execute :C-u's function.(:C-u*2 and :C-u*3 satisfy
YY> :C-u's condition too)

YY> This function can control order without conditional.
YY> I don't know how many people like this future,
YY> but I think it's easy to understand the function's structure.

I don't think it's a major difference for most users.  I think mykie.el
is primarily for beginners, who really need a simple way to define
context-sensitive keys without too much nuance.

YY> P.S. new version is added :err, :C-u&err, :region&err that activate
YY> function when current state have flymake or flycheck error too.

Oh that is *nice*.  Really nice.


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