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sent mail buffers not thoroughly buried

From: Ken Olum
Subject: sent mail buffers not thoroughly buried
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2014 19:39:58 -0500

After you have sent a message in message mode, sometimes the sent mail
buffer gets reselected when it shouldn't.  A specific sequence of
events that causes the problem is this:

Read mail in rmail.
Push "m" or "r" so that you have one window with your inbox and one
  with your unsent mail.  
Change buffers in the window with the inbox.
Send the mail that you're composing.  Now you get your inbox back in
  the window in which you were composing the mail.
Quit rmail.  The window that used to have your inbox will now have
  your sent mail.

The problem is in message-bury.  If you don't do anything special,
this function calls (with-current-buffer buffer (bury-buffer)), which
not only buries the buffer but removes it from the window-prev-buffers
list.  But rmail sets message-return-action so that your inbox gets
reselected when you're done sending the mail.  In that case,
message-bury calls (bury-buffer buffer), which does not remove the
buffer from the window-prev-buffers list.  Thus when you're done with
your inbox, that window goes back to what it was viewing before, which
is your sent mail.

Is there any good reason for this behavior in message-bury?  I propose
to change it to always do (with-current-buffer buffer (bury-buffer)).


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