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Re: Git transition checklist

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Git transition checklist
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2014 16:07:46 -0500
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>  . I think we should discuss some more how to work with the
>    development trunk and the release branch in parallel, and reflect
>    the results of the discussion in the Wiki.

Right, there's also the bzrmerge.el thingy that needs to be ported to Git.

>    So perhaps we should find a way of having two separate branches,
>    such that switching between them does not require a build if
>    nothing changed.

Currently, you'll be better off not using "colocated branches" but two
separate Git trees.  To the extent that most .el files will change
between the two branches, a "git checkout" will be followed by a the
equivalent of a full bootstrap (and will probably always require "make
bootstrap" when switching from the release branch to the trunk).


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