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Re: Git transition checklist

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: Git transition checklist
Date: Wed, 08 Jan 2014 21:12:29 -0500
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"Eric S. Raymond" wrote:

>> How do I make a shared repository?
> There isn't any such thing. But when you clone the repo you get all
> the branches, and every time you pull (normally) all are updated, so
> in a sense all repositories are automatically shared.

Let me explain a bit more:

What I have now is an emacs-bzr/ directory, which is a shared repository.
Within that directory I have multiple trunk/ directories, also
directories for emacs-24, emacs-23 (etc) branches. These are all
independent. The .bzr directory within each branch directory is
very small, only the top-level .bzr directory is not. I can simply
copy trunk/ to trunk-test/ at any time using standard Unix tools to
have a new directory that tracks the upstream repository independently
of trunk/, and does not waste space with a duplicate copy of a large
.bzr directory. If I fetch new revisions from upstream in trunk/,
those are available locally when I want to update trunk-test/, and do
not have to be refetched from the remote server.

Can I replicate such a setup?

>> How do I make a bound branch?
> There is no such thing. [...]
>> What is the equivalent of bzr commit --fixes?
> There isn't one. [...]
>> Is there a changelog_merge equivalent?
> Not directly in git as far as I know. [...]

I'm sure I will "enjoy the greater simplicity that results from the
absence of many" VCS features I've been using.

> Yes, looks like multimail will handle it.

AFAIK, no-one has actually tested this to see if the output fixes the
issues. Also Ted suggested an alternative. Someone should see which is

> I wrote the code, and I don't see anyone else taking responsibility for it.

The people who've been fixing it and developing it over the past decade
have been taking responsibility for it. You'll find their names in the

> Who else do you have in mind to do so?  I'm busy enough to *like* the
> idea of handing it off.

Good ol' Maintainer: FSF sounds right.
It's only vc-dispatcher.el you'll have to change.
(Though Andre Spiegel has been AWOL for many years too.)

> Nobody's stopping you from working on that.

I did not ask for this change of VCS, and don't expect to benefit from it.

> See above. I know nothing about hydra.  You should probably find someone
> who does for that part.

I know about it, but I am not going to work on a VCS switch, since I
prefer to work on the 24.4 release.


Probably all that needs to be done is to email the hydra-users list and
ask them to switch the emacs input from bzr to git at the right time.


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