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Re: Modifying a variable from describe-variable

From: João Távora
Subject: Re: Modifying a variable from describe-variable
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 02:34:09 +0000
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Tom <address@hidden> writes:
>> This is so good I've already hacked it for me. No idea if I'm doing it
>> correctly though...
>> Thanks a lot for the idea.
> If I understand correctly your solution does not provide the current
> value of the variable by default, though this is the point.
> and I want to change a some minor thing it then I don't want to
> type whe whole thing. I'd like to have the current value displayed
> in a buffer, modify it then simply apply it.

I see, I see. Then I think you want "c" keybinding that someone
suggested that takes you to a customize buffer. I think that would be
the solution most integrated with emacs's solution. I didn't implement

> Your solution can be useful for primitive types, but handling
> more complex values in the echo area would not be really convenient.

On the other hand, the minibuffer can do multi-line-editing, I don't
find that inconvenient.

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