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Re: About the :distant-foreground face attribute

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: About the :distant-foreground face attribute
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 13:56:20 +0100


12 jan 2014 kl. 13:21 skrev David Engster <address@hidden>:

> Jan Djärv writes:
>> 12 jan 2014 kl. 12:14 skrev David Engster <address@hidden>:
>>> David Engster writes:
>>>> I'm wondering: We already can set different face attributes depending on
>>>> DISPLAY's 'background' property, which can be 'light' or 'dark'. Say the
>>>> user is working with a 'dark' background by default, but we now detect
>>>> that one of the font-lock faces has not enough contrast when highlighted
>>>> by the region: why not simply switch to the face that is defined for
>>>> 'light' background instead?
>>> Hey look, a tumbleweed!
>>> I'm assuming everybody's simply stunned by my ingenious proposal?
>> A theme does not have to suppy colors for properties light or dark.
> So? It also does not have to supply the distant-foreground attribute.

Right.  But distant-foreground is implemented, you proposal is not and does not 
add anything except moving colors to some other place in the defface 
definition.  Also, for a theme that does have a dark and light version, there 
is no guarantee that applying the dark version on the light version (or vice 
versa) is consistent with the theme look.

        Jan D.

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