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Re: twitter.el, anyone?

From: Joel Mccracken
Subject: Re: twitter.el, anyone?
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 16:16:53 -0500

Agreed, here. It does prevent me from needing to use the website in most cases. 

However, I find myself using another client for more complicated things, such 
as viewing conversations.

One "hiccup" is that Twitter-the-company has taken a semi-hostile stance toward 
twitter clients. 
Any client that wants to have access to the API needs to tread carefully.

On Jan 16, 2014, at 1:13 PM, Vibhav Pant <address@hidden> wrote:

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> I have used twittering mode for a while, and it can do everything you need to 
> *browse twitter*. However, I'm not sure that customising the user profile is 
> something it can do, as I don't know whether twitter provides API methods for 
> that.
> As for registering, I'm sure its a no-no, though it shouldn't be that hard to 
> do it with eww.
> Even then, twittering mode provides an excellent twitter client within Emacs.
>> Can it handle all the operations needed for someone to use Twitter?
>> Can it register an account?
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> N61wEXaaWToemh2SQMDIXRHiekR+H0eV7l9bEyVpQe3jYiCbviDQgwPBkhS/vxj3
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