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Re: twitter.el, anyone?

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: twitter.el, anyone?
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2014 16:26:52 +0100
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I contacted the maintainer of twittering-mode and he is willing to
contribute twittering-mode as a GNU ELPA package, but we identified
these two blockers:

- twittering-mode uses CA certificates provided by Symantec here

- we first need to check whether eww can handle the creation of a
  Twitter account.

The first blocker is strong: using these certificates requires
the authors to sign Symantec Root Certificate license agreement,
which is not compatible with GPL:


I asked the authors whether those certificates are really needed.

The second blocker is being explored: if we can use eww to create a
Twitter account through the mobile website, then we're fine.

Other than that, the number of people to ask the copyright assignment
to is 6 persons (direct contributors of twittering-mode) and 3 others:

- Derek Upham - sand (at) blarg.net who contributed

- The author of mew-lock.xpm, as this image is used in

- The author of Wanderlust, as the images `plugged.xpm' and
  `unplugged.xpm' are used in `twittering-active-indicator-image'
  and `twittering-inactive-indicator-image'.

If we can get rid of the first two blockers, I'm willing to help
twittering-mode maintainers to get the copyright assignments.


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