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Re: Improved git commit emails

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Improved git commit emails
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2014 18:09:18 -0700
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Glenn Morris wrote:
> Thanks. It seems like an improvement.
> Is it possible to add a "Mail-Followup-To: committer, emacs-devel"
> header?

I see no support for doing so.  I see only this section.



      Addresses to use in the Reply-To: field for commit emails
      (replyToCommit) and refchange emails (replyToRefchange).
      multimailhook.replyTo is used as default when replyToCommit or
      replyToRefchange is not set.  The value for these variables can be

      - An email address, which will be used directly.

      - The value "pusher", in which case the pusher's address (if
        available) will be used.  This is the default for refchange

      - The value "author" (meaningful only for replyToCommit), in which
        case the commit author's address will be used.  This is the
        default for commit emails.

      - The value "none", in which case the Reply-To: field will be

That is the extent in this area that I see.  Although it is all python
and so a python hacker could make modifications to it to add this
capability.  If someone wanted to add that capability that would be

> (Trivia) Is it possible to remove the "This is an automated email...in
> repository elpa." header (it just repeats the subject/from info), and
> the "To stop receiving notification... of this repository" footer?

Deleting lines is easy.  :-)  Done.


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