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Re: The git mirror is *very* badly screwed up

From: Andreas Schwab
Subject: Re: The git mirror is *very* badly screwed up
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 18:22:08 +0100
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"Eric S. Raymond" <address@hidden> writes:

> Those aren't bzr revisions, they're marks from a git stream dump.

That's why they are useless.  Tell me the git revisions so I can tell
you what went wrong.

> Bottom line is, the topology is badly screwed up.  I already knew about the
> multiple root commits; I'm fairly sure they relate to these junk branches
>     21        commit  
> refs/tags/lost+found/d4cd8d7c34cc79dc4abd0fec33cec74afa33e2d0
>   1723        commit  
> refs/tags/lost+found/12d398afa4d2b77d606b28fe43a2e5200c863419
>   3595        commit  
> refs/tags/lost+found/e387e14faeea08877c99ddf798d5a4c9f7999c72
>   3763        commit  
> refs/tags/lost+found/9a1501510c2a842e8597d695fec05563161a84b7
>   3773        commit  
> refs/tags/lost+found/5cf718038f760d6dc2e21dee3ce98061a975488a
> which I was going to delete anyway.  They seem to consist entirely of dummy
> test commits by Glen Morris.

They also contains rewritten history.


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