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A proposal - Dired -`$' and `i'

From: Tak Kunihiro
Subject: A proposal - Dired -`$' and `i'
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2014 11:38:50 +0900 (JST)

I try to manipulate files using Dired. I have to combine 42 documents
to single manuscript. In other word, I need to go thorough 42 sub-dirs
that are placed in one main-dir. When I walk across sub-dirs, I use
`i', `^', and `$'.

To see files in a sub-dir, I hit `i'. I can tell what's going
there. Now I want to go back to the main-dir with hiding the
sub-dir. Ideally I want to hit `$', then `^'.

Key `$' is assign to (dired-hide-sub-dir). It hides or unhides the
current sub-dir and moves to next directory. With my case, it is nice
it does not move to the next directory, and stay there.

 * Proposal 1: with option, (dired-hide-subdir) stays

With this, hitting `$' twice brings original status back in any
dirs. It offers a kind of dir-preview capability.

After going back the main-dir, I want to insert another sub-dir. I
will soon find out the sub-dir was not concern for now. With analogy
to `$', it is nice hitting `i' twice brings original status back.

Note (dired-hide-sub-dir) moves point to sub-dir head-line such as
"c:/Users/dream/xtreeml:...".  First, it is more consistent if `i'
moves point to the sub-dir head-line instead of the first element of
the sub-dir.

 * Proposal 2: with option, (dired-maybe-insert-subdir) moves
   point to sub-dir head-line

One may argue that current behavior (move point to the first element)
is more natural. That is true when there is only one sub-sub-dir
exists in sub-dir. Emacs point of view, the current behavior could be
more convenient; however, human point of view, a directory with single
sub-dir is not ideal.

After this proposal 2 is accepted, there is nothing that `i' can do on
the sub-dir head-line for now. It is nice go back to main-dir with

 * Proposal 3: (dired-maybe-insert-subdir) calls (dired-up-directory)
   when point is on sub-dir head-line

With proposal 2 and 3, one can view sub-dir and come back to main-dir
with hitting `i' twice.  I did same thing by `i', and (undo) for a
while. Emacs point of view this can be OK; however, human point of
view, look for sub-dir and find out that was not concern, is not
something undo required.

I am writing a manuscript with these setup, and works well. I hope
these proposals would be considered and implemented for default Dired.

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