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Re: resize windows horizontally with the mouse

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: resize windows horizontally with the mouse
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 08:09:08 +0100

> I’m not sure about that. There is a visible two- or three-pixel stripe
> between the scroll bar and the fringe of the adjacent pane. If the
> intention is to not allow resizing when scroll bars are displayed,
> this gap should be eliminated. Alternatively, scrolling could be
> allowed even in this case.

Which toolkit?

>> I thought it was a bug in the NS port. Usually
>> I just turn off scroll bar to bring the the whole splitter back.
> Indeed, hiding scroll bars allows me to drag the whole splitter, in
> X/GTK+. But pixel-hunting for the grab handle in the mode lines is
> faster.
>> BTW, has anyone met with sluggish redisplay of buffer text when resizing
>> windows horizontally?
> No, but the fringes and scroll bars flicker a lot while dragging.

Can you try to find out _when_ this started?

Thanks, martin

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