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Re: Improved git commit emails

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Improved git commit emails
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2014 17:41:05 -0700
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Glenn Morris wrote:
> Please don't spend too much time and effort on what may well be only my
> personal preference.

I personally haven't.  Thanks go to RĂ¼diger who did and wrapped it up
for us.  But this is a feature, and the other tweaks such as less
noisy headers and footers, that will be used by a lot of projects.
Potentially every project using git that wants notifications.  I
expect that I will probably implement all of the future git
notification requests using the wrapper and import strategy so that
there can be easy customizations.  And the ability to add
Mail-Followup-To is something that I wish were in the upstream since
it just makes things easier for consumers of the messages.

The only thing left that seems a little spurious is that the mailing
list adds a subject suffix and the notification adds a project suffix.
I think it would be quieter to reduce that to only one subject suffix
not two.


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