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Re: suggestion: blue default for new face `window-divider'

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: suggestion: blue default for new face `window-divider'
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2014 11:42:39 +0100

>> (I'd also suggest that the default width of window dividers be 2,
>> not zero, also to make it more noticeable.)
> Or at least one, so that you get a different cursor when hovering over
> that area, and recognize that resizing is possible.
> OTOH, I can understand why the size is 0 when scroll bars are used: It
> can happen that you click on the scroll bar by mistake.  In my
> installation it is especially problematic that the mouse cursor change
> is not correct for me: I get the "dragging" cursor in a stripe wider
> than the window divider.  That makes it very likely to click the scroll
> bar by mistake.

We should follow general practice here and make the default at least 4
pixels, probably 6.  That's what I see on Thunderbird, for example.  The
value 0 means only that by default dividers are not drawn.


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