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Re: How do I avoid purple-on-black and yellow-on-white?

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: How do I avoid purple-on-black and yellow-on-white?
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2014 16:41:44 -0800

I guess I am just lazy.  I don't care about setting weirdo terminal modes.
I am not interested in a full palate of subtle color differences.
Black and white worked just fine.  Having several contrasting colors
is very nice so I can see a clear distinction between comments and
regular code.  That is all very nice indeed.  But when you start having
dozens of colors, the contrast between some of the colors is not
going to be very great.  But there should be a few fundamental
rules that emacs obeys:

1. if the background is white, do not use yellow for anything
2. if the background is dark, do not use purple or dark blue for anything.

If you want a subtle color difference between normal comments and
Doxygenated comments, fine.  It is just simply that the contrast
between any characters and their background *MUST NOT BE SUBTLE*
and I should not be required to go do hours of research to figure out
how to fiddle settings so that it doesn't happen.  I bumped into
dark purple on black and the result could not be read (without highlighting
the text, and even then it was not easy.)

Thank you.  Regards, Bruce

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