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H in info-mode as another describe-mode?

From: Karl Berry
Subject: H in info-mode as another describe-mode?
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 16:23:14 GMT

Hello Emacs folks.  Would you be ok with a change to make H in info-mode
do describe-mode (it's currently unbound), plus mention it up front in
the info.texi manual?

The principal reason would be to unify behavior between Emacs Info and
standalone Info; there are remarkably few discrepancies, and we can
eliminate this one, so my theory was, why not?  Although regular Emacs
users would probably think first of describe-mode (C-h m or whatever) no
matter what, there's no equivalent to that in standalone Info, and it
seems harmless to allow it.


(For the record, standalone info has swapped meanings of h and H a few
times, and it's currently the opposite of the above.  I plan to swap
them again for the next release to match Emacs.)


2014-02-14  Karl Berry  <address@hidden>

        * info.el (Info-mode-map): H for describe-mode, to synchronize
        with standalone Info.

--- ./ORIG/lisp/info.el 2014-02-13 17:31:56.293310724 -0800
+++ ./lisp/info.el      2014-02-13 17:32:08.513914853 -0800
@@ -3840,4 +3840,5 @@ (defvar Info-mode-map
     (define-key map "g" 'Info-goto-node)
     (define-key map "h" 'Info-help)
+    (define-key map "H" 'describe-mode)
     (define-key map "i" 'Info-index)
     (define-key map "I" 'Info-virtual-index)

2014-02-14  Karl Berry  <address@hidden>

        * info.texi (Top): mention H for a summary of all commands.

--- ./ORIG/doc/misc/info.texi   2013-01-01 12:37:17.000000000 -0800
+++ ./doc/misc/info.texi        2014-02-14 08:13:14.574523127 -0800
@@ -69,4 +69,6 @@ To read about advanced Info commands, ty
 brings you to @cite{Advanced Info Commands}, skipping over the `Getting
 Started' chapter.
+Type @kbd{H} to see a summary of all available commands.
 @end ifinfo
 @end ifnottex

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