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Re: Emacs contributions, C and Lisp

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Emacs contributions, C and Lisp
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 20:27:00 +0200
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On 16.02.2014 19:50, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
These problems exist in Lisp as they do (or don't) in C, as far as
Emacs is concerned.  E.g., see the latest discussion of crypto

I'd say in Lisp they exist to a considerably lesser degree. And if someone is going to implement crypto support, I'd expect them to be familiar with C anyway.

See the other mail for what I (and Jorgen) had in mind.  I don't
think we have anything like that in Emacs, even with CEDET.  ECB
(which isn't bundled) is the only thing that comes close, but IMO we
should have had this in Emacs core for a long time.

This looks like something that might require fancier rendering on the fringe or a nearby area.

Layered rendering on the fringe is something we could use in diff-hl as well: https://github.com/dgutov/diff-hl/issues/16

Maybe someone who programs in languages it supports well (such as
yourself?) can write up a short "quickstart" text, or at least formulate
the requirements for one.

I certainly hope so.


not everything has to be bundled with Emacs.

Things that we consider central and important should be.

Guess I agree that company-the-framework would work better bundled.

Support for different languages might come separately, though.

CEDET has COGRE that supports this already, at least according to
http://cedet.sourceforge.net/ (search for "UML").  Somewhat clunky and
based on "ASCII art", though.

Yes, COGRE could be the instrument, but we still need information to use it on, and language-specific tools are most likely the way to go.

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