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Re: trunk r116499: Improve dbus error handling; detect bus failure

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: trunk r116499: Improve dbus error handling; detect bus failure
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 09:18:35 +0100
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Daniel Colascione <address@hidden> writes:

> +     (dbus-handle-bus-disconnect): New function.  React to bus
> +     disconnection signal by synthesizing dbus error for each
> +     pending synchronous or asynchronous call.

This is a new functionality. Why do you want to add it during feature
freeze? And what is the reasoning behind? When a D-Bus bus disconnects,
there might be more serious problems but pending method calls.

Is it about performance, and abortion of such pending calls? When does
it happen, that a bus disconnect for you?

> +     (dbus-notice-synchronous-call-errors): New function.
> +     (dbus-handle-event): Raise errors directly only when `dbus-debug'
> +     is true, not all the time.

Why that? You cannot assume that `dbus-event-error-functions' is non-nil
(and contains `dbus-notice-synchronous-call-errors').

I still don't see what you are trying to resolve. Lisp errors are shown
when happening in handlers, what else do you want to achieve? As usual a
typical use case would help.

And *if* you are applying such changes, I would expect respective doc
changes, for example explainig the (changed) structure of the values in
`dbus-return-values-table', or mentioning
`dbus-notice-synchronous-call-errors' and its intended use in dbus.texi.

In short, I'm not against such changes if the intention is
understood. But I believe it is a bad timing to apply them during
feature freeze, and w/o discussing them in emacs-devel.

Best regards, Michael.

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