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Re: GC bug investigation

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: GC bug investigation
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 10:56:30 -0400

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Here's Ffset.

0x6fe7cc <Ffset>:       addiu   sp,sp,-40
0x6fe7d0 <Ffset+4>:     sw      ra,36(sp)
0x6fe7d4 <Ffset+8>:     sw      s8,32(sp)
0x6fe7d8 <Ffset+12>:    sw      s1,28(sp)
0x6fe7dc <Ffset+16>:    sw      s0,24(sp)
0x6fe7e0 <Ffset+20>:    move    s8,sp
0x6fe7e4 <Ffset+24>:    lui     gp,0xa6
0x6fe7e8 <Ffset+28>:    addiu   gp,gp,-208
0x6fe7ec <Ffset+32>:    sw      gp,16(sp)
0x6fe7f0 <Ffset+36>:    move    s0,a0
0x6fe7f4 <Ffset+40>:    sw      a1,44(s8)
0x6fe7f8 <Ffset+44>:    move    v0,s0
0x6fe7fc <Ffset+48>:    andi    v1,v0,0x7
0x6fe800 <Ffset+52>:    li      v0,2
0x6fe804 <Ffset+56>:    beq     v1,v0,0x6fe82c <Ffset+96>
0x6fe808 <Ffset+60>:    move    at,at
0x6fe80c <Ffset+64>:    lw      v0,-19584(gp)
0x6fe810 <Ffset+68>:    move    at,at
0x6fe814 <Ffset+72>:    lw      v0,0(v0)
0x6fe818 <Ffset+76>:    move    at,at
0x6fe81c <Ffset+80>:    move    a0,v0
0x6fe820 <Ffset+84>:    move    a1,s0
0x6fe824 <Ffset+88>:    jal     0x6fcad4 <wrong_type_argument>
0x6fe828 <Ffset+92>:    move    at,at
0x6fe82c <Ffset+96>:    addiu   v0,s0,-2
0x6fe830 <Ffset+100>:   lw      s1,12(v0)
0x6fe834 <Ffset+104>:   lw      v0,-30324(gp)
0x6fe838 <Ffset+108>:   move    at,at
0x6fe83c <Ffset+112>:   lw      v1,0(v0)
0x6fe840 <Ffset+116>:   lw      v0,-31872(gp)
0x6fe844 <Ffset+120>:   move    at,at
0x6fe848 <Ffset+124>:   lw      v0,0(v0)
0x6fe84c <Ffset+128>:   move    at,at
0x6fe850 <Ffset+132>:   beq     v1,v0,0x6fe8d0 <Ffset+260>
0x6fe854 <Ffset+136>:   move    at,at
0x6fe858 <Ffset+140>:   lw      v0,-31872(gp)
0x6fe85c <Ffset+144>:   move    at,at
0x6fe860 <Ffset+148>:   lw      v0,0(v0)
0x6fe864 <Ffset+152>:   move    at,at
0x6fe868 <Ffset+156>:   beq     s1,v0,0x6fe8d0 <Ffset+260>
0x6fe86c <Ffset+160>:   move    at,at
0x6fe870 <Ffset+164>:   move    a0,s0
0x6fe874 <Ffset+168>:   move    a1,s1
0x6fe878 <Ffset+172>:   lw      v0,-32632(gp)
0x6fe87c <Ffset+176>:   move    at,at
0x6fe880 <Ffset+180>:   move    t9,v0
0x6fe884 <Ffset+184>:   jalr    t9
0x6fe888 <Ffset+188>:   move    at,at
0x6fe88c <Ffset+192>:   lw      gp,16(s8)
0x6fe890 <Ffset+196>:   move    v1,v0
0x6fe894 <Ffset+200>:   lw      v0,-30324(gp)
0x6fe898 <Ffset+204>:   move    at,at
0x6fe89c <Ffset+208>:   lw      v0,0(v0)
0x6fe8a0 <Ffset+212>:   move    a0,v1
0x6fe8a4 <Ffset+216>:   move    a1,v0
0x6fe8a8 <Ffset+220>:   lw      v0,-32632(gp)
0x6fe8ac <Ffset+224>:   move    at,at
0x6fe8b0 <Ffset+228>:   move    t9,v0
0x6fe8b4 <Ffset+232>:   jalr    t9
0x6fe8b8 <Ffset+236>:   move    at,at
0x6fe8bc <Ffset+240>:   lw      gp,16(s8)
0x6fe8c0 <Ffset+244>:   move    v1,v0
0x6fe8c4 <Ffset+248>:   lw      v0,-30324(gp)
0x6fe8c8 <Ffset+252>:   move    at,at
0x6fe8cc <Ffset+256>:   sw      v1,0(v0)
0x6fe8d0 <Ffset+260>:   move    a0,s1
0x6fe8d4 <Ffset+264>:   lw      v0,-20008(gp)
0x6fe8d8 <Ffset+268>:   move    at,at
0x6fe8dc <Ffset+272>:   move    t9,v0
0x6fe8e0 <Ffset+276>:   jalr    t9
0x6fe8e4 <Ffset+280>:   move    at,at
0x6fe8e8 <Ffset+284>:   lw      gp,16(s8)
0x6fe8ec <Ffset+288>:   beqz    v0,0x6fe92c <Ffset+352>
0x6fe8f0 <Ffset+292>:   move    at,at
0x6fe8f4 <Ffset+296>:   lw      v0,-30104(gp)
0x6fe8f8 <Ffset+300>:   move    at,at
0x6fe8fc <Ffset+304>:   lw      v1,0(v0)
0x6fe900 <Ffset+308>:   addiu   v0,s1,-6
0x6fe904 <Ffset+312>:   lw      v0,4(v0)
0x6fe908 <Ffset+316>:   move    a0,s0
0x6fe90c <Ffset+320>:   move    a1,v1
0x6fe910 <Ffset+324>:   move    a2,v0
0x6fe914 <Ffset+328>:   lw      v0,-32292(gp)
0x6fe918 <Ffset+332>:   move    at,at
0x6fe91c <Ffset+336>:   move    t9,v0
0x6fe920 <Ffset+340>:   jalr    t9
0x6fe924 <Ffset+344>:   move    at,at
0x6fe928 <Ffset+348>:   lw      gp,16(s8)
0x6fe92c <Ffset+352>:   move    a0,s0
0x6fe930 <Ffset+356>:   lw      a1,44(s8)
0x6fe934 <Ffset+360>:   lw      v0,-20808(gp)
0x6fe938 <Ffset+364>:   move    at,at
0x6fe93c <Ffset+368>:   move    t9,v0
0x6fe940 <Ffset+372>:   jalr    t9
0x6fe944 <Ffset+376>:   move    at,at
0x6fe948 <Ffset+380>:   lw      gp,16(s8)
0x6fe94c <Ffset+384>:   lw      v0,44(s8)
0x6fe950 <Ffset+388>:   move    sp,s8
0x6fe954 <Ffset+392>:   lw      ra,36(sp)
0x6fe958 <Ffset+396>:   lw      s8,32(sp)
0x6fe95c <Ffset+400>:   lw      s1,28(sp)
0x6fe960 <Ffset+404>:   lw      s0,24(sp)
0x6fe964 <Ffset+408>:   addiu   sp,sp,40
0x6fe968 <Ffset+412>:   jr      ra
0x6fe96c <Ffset+416>:   move    at,at

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