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Re: <Multi_key> is undefined

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: Re: <Multi_key> is undefined
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 10:40:31 +0900

Barry Fishman writes:

 > But that environment does not work.

True, for the moment.

 > If the choice is to figure out how to modify your environment
 > variables before entering Emacs, or have Emacs just work, I choose
 > the latter.

Unfortunately, that is not the choice.  We have no choice but to
prepare to defend ourselves for some time: we are under attack by the
slings and arrows of outrageous IM developers.

For reasons I don't understand, the Linux[1], X11, and generic-IM
communities have chosen to repeatedly change keyboard handling in
backward-incompatible ways.  From what I hear from Ubuntu users, at
least generic-IM still doesn't have it right.  So we may suffer
another such attack in the not so distant future (due to what Jamie
calls the "CADT syndrome" <URL:http://www.jwz.org/doc/cadt.html>).

 > Either way it is a gross hack.

Precisely.  If you have an up-to-date environment, a patched Emacs
will work without the hack.  This *should* remain true indefinitely,
modulo the aforementioned slings and arrows.  There's no guarantee
with the hack, and the hack *will* break something else for some

[1]  If you're Gibozing, Richard, indeed I do mean the kernel
development community.

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