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Re: new faces

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: new faces
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 21:23:21 -0400
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>> > font-lock-tag-name-face
>> > font-lock-tag-bracket-face
>> These seem very HTML specific, so not really appropriate for
>> font-lock-*-face.
> I am thinking of markdown, apache-mode, wiki/ini-mode, org-mode (not
> sure for this one), and of course all the xml/html modes

But in these modes, "tags" are really what we usually call "keywords" in
traditional programming modes.  I.e. there's already
font-lock-keyword-face for that.

>> > font-lock-attr-name-face
>> This one probably corresponds to "argument names", so in Lisp it could
>> be used for keyword symbols.  IOW I'm OK with adding such a face.
>> > font-lock-symbol-face
>> I have no idea what this one is, neither for HTML nor for any other mode.
> I was thinking of this kind of syntax (with js or ruby)
> {symbolX: "aa", symbolY: 123}

How is this different from font-lock-attr-name-face?


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