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activate region with S-mouse-1

From: Dominic Jänichen
Subject: activate region with S-mouse-1
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2014 17:41:33 +0000 (UTC)
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I am using shift-select-mode and want to activate a region using S-
mouse-1. I have <mouse-1> and <S-mouse-1> bound to "mouse-set-point". I 
either change "mouse-set-point" to contain (interactive "^e") or use cua-
mode and (put 'mouse-set-point 'CUA 'move).
I find that I can then extend existing regions with <S-mouse-1>, but not 
activate one (ie. click on some spot to activate the region between that 
spot and the current mark).

This issue exists since rev 107888 and is documented there: "Don't 
activate the region on shift if the binding is already shifted." That's 
fine for <left> as <S-left> translates to <left>, but <S-mouse-1> does 
not translate to <mouse-1>. The only option is to bind <S-mouse-1>, but 
this does not activate the region as it is already shifted.

What is a proper fix, here? Modifying read_key_sequence to set "this-
command-keys-shift-translated" to "t" if the command is bound to shifted 
mouse-events? Or using a specific handler for <S-mouse-1>?


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