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Re: A question about spellchecker

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: A question about spellchecker
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2014 18:47:42 +0300

> From: arthur miller <address@hidden>
> Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2014 17:32:44 +0200
> Difficulty is in not knowing where to look and for what to look. I had to 
> hunt down Hunspell.

You could ask on help-gnu-emacs.

> Even realizing I need Hunspell was not the most obvous thing on its own. Docs 
> are full with references to
> ispell and aspell, so knowing that hunspell is what matters mostly today was 
> not obvious at first
> glance. It tooks some time looking around for downloads to realize Hunspell 
> is the latest and greatest
> (at least it seems so). I have seen that soem people still prefer aspell and 
> ispell, but lets leave
> that discussion aside.

This is language-dependent: for some languages Aspell is slightly
better, for others Hunspell is much better.  I don't see how bundling
the speller with Emacs could help here, especially if the user's
language is not covered by a dictionary for that speller.

> Next thing was to find it and install it. I have adavantage I can download 
> the source code and
> compile it. By the way, hunspell is not included in gnuwin32, and none of 
> bigger applications that
> uses it comes with executable. I have not seen some binary download that I 
> dared to download.
> Most of binaries were on sites with lot of adds and so on.

The ezwinports site is what I recommend (not surprisingly ;-)

> Lat configuration part - reading a lot of docs, looking around at EW and 
> discovering obsolete 
> configurations and so on. Trial and error method, and as you mark I am still 
> not able to get it
> to work properly with swedish characters.

The latest development trunk shouldn't have thee problems.  Did you
try just using Hunspell without any configuration?

> I didn't compiled hunspells UI, I just have hunspell.exe itself.

Maybe you configured it without ncurses, or didn't have ncurses
installed.  If ncurses is present, the compiled binary includes a UI,
you don't need a separate program for that.  Again, try the binaries
from ezwinports site.

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