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Re: [PATCH] support a few of the new features of C++11 in syntax highlig

From: Barry Warsaw
Subject: Re: [PATCH] support a few of the new features of C++11 in syntax highlighting
Date: Mon, 19 May 2014 11:46:11 -0400

On May 17, 2014, at 09:03 AM, Alan Mackenzie wrote:

>Presumably Barry Warsaw.  At the time (1992), I'm pretty sure he was
>an XEmacs user, so would naturally want to support that platform too.

Gosh, 22 years is ancient history.  I think this was even before the XEmacs
name.  It was probably still called Lucid Emacs!  Back then, SourceForge
seemed like the best public code hosting site available.  I don't remember,
but we might have even used CVS at the time. ;)

I switched back to GNU Emacs in 2008.

That's not to say that XEmacs support should be dropped.  I personally don't
care about it much any more, but other people do, and I think we should
respect the current CC Mode maintainer's opinion on matters like this.


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