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[elpa] --exclude-vcs for multi-file archives?

From: Mario Lang
Subject: [elpa] --exclude-vcs for multi-file archives?
Date: Thu, 22 May 2014 12:07:42 +0200
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While integrating chess.el into ELPA, I noticed that the .git
subdirectory of packages/<external-name> is placed in the tarballs.  I have 
added ".git" to .elpaignore in packages/chess for now, but I wonder if a
more generic solution is in order.  Adding --exclude-vcs to the tar call
in GNUMakefile seems like the right thing to do.  If I try, about all
the archive shrinks about 300k, so we definitely ship stuff which (IMHO)
shouldn't be shipped in a tarball.

Am I fine to commit this change, or can anyone see an actual reason why
a left-over .git directory in the release tarball might actually be needed?

diff --git a/GNUmakefile b/GNUmakefile
index 03a25f2..7d88843 100644
--- a/GNUmakefile
+++ b/GNUmakefile
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ process-archive:
              fi;                                               \
              if [ -d $$pt ]; then                              \
                  echo "Creating tarball $${pt}.tar" &&         \
-                 tar -cf $${pt}.tar $$pt -X "$$ignore";        \
+                 tar -cf $${pt}.tar $$pt --exclude-vcs -X "$$ignore";  \
                  rm -rf $${pt};                                \
              fi;                                               \


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