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Re: epa problem has returned

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: epa problem has returned
Date: Mon, 26 May 2014 19:44:49 +0300

> Date: Sun, 25 May 2014 12:01:03 -0400
> From: Richard Stallman <address@hidden>
> CC: address@hidden
> I stopped it with a signal during that hang
> and it was hung in `read', called from `emacs_read', called
> from `read_process_output', called from `wait_running_process_output'.
> I put a breakpoint on the line in `emacs_read' that calls read, 
> and it gets called over and over.  `read' returns 0.
> Another time it was in pselect called from xg_select called from
> wait_running_process_output.
> I tried stepping and saw that it went around the big loop
> in wait_running_process_output (starting at line 4333)
> and did not exit it.

Paul, could this be another manifestation of bug #17561?  The symptoms
sound similar to me.

> I can't recall, and can't find, the GDB command to direct
> GDB output to a file.

 (gdb) set logging on

This puts all output from GDB on a file named gdb.txt in the directory
where you run GDB.

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