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Re: Possible bug in `match-string` in

From: Alexis
Subject: Re: Possible bug in `match-string` in
Date: Tue, 27 May 2014 18:20:23 +1000
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Stefan Monnier writes:

>>> These are 4 separate expressions.  How do you run them?
>> i was playing around in *scratch*, to test out various regular
>> expressions on my data, and did a C-x C-e after each line.
> C-x C-e itself might overwrite the match data while looking at the
> buffer to decide what to evaluate.

Oh okay.

> And after running that command, tons
> of other code is run, such as post-command-hook, process-filters,
> timers, pre-redisplay-function and whatnot, all of which will gladly
> overwrite the match-data.

*nod* - Thanks for explaining!


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